Ricoh Innovations Private Limited ("RIPL"), Ricoh Innovations Corporation's subsidiary in Bangalore, India, was established in February 2012 to address opportunities in India and similar emerging countries. RIPL is the Ricoh group's first R&D center in India, and is a subsidiary of Ricoh Innovations.

RIPL's goal is to extend the operations of Ricoh Innovations, leveraging core technologies developed at Ricoh and Ricoh Innovations. By combining market-oriented technology development with regionally optimized research, RIPL will pioneer new business tailored for India's rapidly growing market.

RIPL’s software and systems R&D teams focus on supporting cutting-edge projects in large market segments such as health care, education, finance, media and entertainment. The technologies and services developed by RIPL form the groundwork for IT solutions for other large emerging regions in addition to India, including Africa and South Asia. Together, these constitute a market of over 2.5 billion people.

For more detailed information on RIPL, please see the RIPL Board of Directors and separate press releases from Ricoh Innovations and Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Company Outline

Corporate name Ricoh Innovations Private Limited (RIPL)
Address Embassy Icon, Ground Floor,
No. 3, Infantry Road
Bangalore - 560 001.
Telephone number: +91-80-4936-0700.
Fax: +91-80-4936-0710
Date of foundation February 15, 2012 (Registration dated November 8, 2011)
Managing Director Mr. Kaip Sridhar
Area of research R&D of applications for advanced IT in such areas as education, media, entertainment, finance, and health care

To apply for a job at RIPL or for general queries, please contact:

Manager - Human Resources
Tel: +91-80-4936-0700